Kayleigh Hyland

Rock 101, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys Instructor, Rock 101 Director

School of Rock’s own, home grown multi-instrumentalist Kayleigh Hyland dreamed about being a performer for as long as she could remember.

When she was 14, School of Rock came to town to entice the secretly huge musical (particularly singing) dreams out of her even at her quietest. Somehow all of her wonderful mentors were able to turn the girl into not only a singer, but also a player (a little of this, a little of that), director, All Star, and all around musician. They must have figured, ‘why stop there?!’ because now, they’ve gone and turned her into an instructor as well! Kayleigh loves that she gets to help students learn, gain confidence, and reach their full potential the way she did from the pros she now has the privilege to work alongside…To all of whom she owes an innumerable amount of beers…


Kayleigh’s passion for music has thus far carried her everywhere in life. After high school and coincident graduation from SOR, Kayleigh chose to study the stage from the opposite end, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics with a focus in live sound reinforcement. Nowadays you may find her running around various local venues keeping her ears for musicality hard at work. She does not enjoy long walks on the beach, as grains of sand ultimately frustrate her deeply.